Who Killed Christ?

Source: Orthodox England

Photo: http://wonder.oca.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/crucifixion-icon.jpg
Photo: http://wonder.oca.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/crucifixion-icon.jpg

Many different answers are given to the above question.
For example, there are those with personal axes to grind
who will tell you that it was the Romans or the Jews. Such
answers are childish excuses of the sort ‘it
wasn’t me, it was him’. More generally it is
true to say that fallen humanity killed Christ, or more
exactly it was hatred, cruelty, ingratitude and
indifference that killed Christ. In three words this
general answer can even be summed up as a ‘lack of
love’, for this is the greatest killer of all, for
it kills individuals, parish churches, monasteries and
indeed, as we are witnesses, whole dioceses. However, this
lack of love has in human history taken two specific

The first form of a lack of love is the error of putting
creation above the Creator, in other words, idolatry. This
is the error of paganism that we can see in animism,
superstition and throughout paganism. The further away
from Jerusalem, the more pagan people were. This we can
see in how the Creation story, faithfully recorded only in
the Book of Genesis, became ever more distorted in the
creation myths of Australia or the Americas, India or
Africa, Scandinavia or China. This misidentification was
the error of the Romans who made their emperors into gods,
putting Caesar above Christ. Through lack of love of God
and man, creation, fallen and sinful, is identified as
Divine. A fundamental error and distortion.

The second form of a lack of love is the error of putting
oneself (and so love of oneself) above the Creator. This
self-idolatry was the error of the Jewish elite, but it
can be found among the ‘professionals’ of all
institutional religion, which is always opposed to faith.
This second form is called phariseeism, which makes
salvation most difficult for all except its own members,
who are the self-appointed elect. This misidentification
is the error of humanism, which deifies fallen human
nature. Humanism has its origins in papism, which put one
man above God, making God absent and so enabling itself to
replace him. And humanism is merely papism extended to all
Western and Westernized humanity, putting the self above
the Creator. Through lack of love of God and man, creation
that is fallen and sinful is identified as above the
Divine. A fundamental error and distortion.

Who killed Christ? Human lack of love that put itself on
the level of the Divine and, even worse, even above the
Divine. Although the Romans were guilty of the first form
of lack of love, in their indifference ignoring Christ,
and although the Jews were guilty of the second form, in
their jealous hatred of the Truth (and pharisees hate
nothing more than the Truth, for it shows them up as they
are, as liars), all fallen humanity is capable of such
acts. The fact is that if Christ returned today, He would
be killed again. Indeed, this is why when He returns, He
will return ‘with power’ (Lk. 21, 27). Who
killed Christ? Lack of love, for God is love, but sin is
lack of love.

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