V. Medinsky: Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow to be installed by agreement with UNESCO

Moscow, August 9, 2016


Work on the installation of the monument to the
Baptizer of Rus’, the holy prince Vladimir has begun
on Moscow’s Borovitskaya Square in full agreement
with UNESCO, stated Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir

Responding to journalists’ questions on the
initiation of the work in the buffer zone of the UNESCO
world heritage site of the “Moscow Kremlin and Red
Square,” the head of the Ministry of Culture again
noted that “UNESCO, in principle, can neither give
permission nor forbid anything,” reports news agency

“I twice met personally with the Deputy Chairman of
the cultural organization. All of the propositions of
UNESCO in regards to the reconstruction of the square of
Borovitsky Hill, the height of the monument, conducting
additional archaeological research, right down to the
organization of parking by the monument were thoroughly
considered in the designing of this complex by the
Kremlin,” reported Vladimir Medinsky.

That UNESCO had no objections to installing the monument
at the specified place was stated by the permanent Russian
representative to the organization Eleonora Mitrofanova.

For its part, the head of the Department for State
Preservation of the Cultural Heritage, the Minister of
Culture of Russia Vladimir Tsvetnov noted that “all
activities required in accordance with the 172nd article
of the guide for the implementation of the convention on
preserving world cultural and natural heritage were
fulfilled by the agency.”

He underscored that the Ministry of Culture has not
received any negative feedback from UNESCO neither on the
monument to Prince Vladimir nor on the plans for its
installation on Borovitsky Hill.

Note that the monument to the Baptizer of Rus’ will
be installed on Moscow’s Borovistkaya Square.
According to the latest information it is planned to be
installed in 2016 on the day of National Unity, November

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