Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Offers Prayers Following the Terrorist Attack at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport

Source: The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the

June 28, 2016

Following the most horrific, deplorable, and senseless
acts of violence and terror at Istanbul’s
International Airport, the Council of Bishops of the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA expresses its
solidarity with the people of Turkey and those of other
nations, whose citizens traveled through the one of the
busiest airports in the world, and extends heartfelt
prayers to the families of those who were killed or
injured as a result of the attack. Our hearts and minds
are prayerfully also with the emergency responders, law
enforcement agents, and security officers.

Following his safe return to the United States of America
from Crete (Greece) via Istanbul International Airport
earlier today, and upon learning about the tragic events
in Istanbul from Bishop Daniel, His Eminence Metropolitan
Antony stated, “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the
USA stands alongside all people of faith and good will,
and supports the efforts of religious leaders
especially His All Holiness
Patriarch Bartholomew to forge
mutual understanding, respect and reconciliation among all
people… During this time of tragedy, as we
experience pain, sorrow, and indignation, we must remain
inseparably connected to our faith, especially to the
salvific events of Cross and Resurrection, the ultimate
source of comfort, solace and peace.”

The Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of
the USA, speaking on behalf of the entire plentitude of
the Church condemns the blind violence that causes so much
suffering and implores God for the gift of peace. Sadly,
this murderous attack is only the latest in a series of
attacks aimed at killing of innocent civilians. Such
attacks must reinforce the determination of the worldwide
community to work closely with each other to counter the
scourge of terrorism and support all those across the
planet who are working to promote peace and

We pray that the Lord’s mercy will be upon us during
this time of sadness. We urge the clergy and faithful of
our UOC of the USA and people of good will throughout the
world to turn their hearts and souls to Christ the Savior,
Who consoles and guides us through suffering with mercy
and tenderness. The healing power of Christ goes beyond
our physical wounds but touches every level of our
humanity: physical, emotional, social, spiritual. The
eternal call of Christ to us all is to remain fervent in
our protection of life and human dignity and to pray
unceasingly for peace in our world.

With prayers in Christ, the Merciful Savior and
Counselor of our souls,

+Antony, Metropolitan of the
UOC of the USA

+Daniel, Bishop of the UOC
of the USA

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