Turks hang pro-Islamic Ramadan banner on Orthodox Church

Source: Tornos News

June 9, 2016

The provocations against the Orthodox Christians in Turkey
continued, as a group of Muslims unfolded a banner in
front the Greek Orthodox Church in the southern province
of Hatay.

According to Turkish newspaper ‘Daily Sabah’,
the banner read ‘We are celebrating the holy
month of Ramadan in all the Islamic world

This is the second incident in a short period following
the recent provocation by the Turkish authorities to
approve the recitation of the Quran in the Hagia Sophia in
Constantinople and to broadcasts it on TV live for the 30
days the Ramadan lasts.

The article in Sabah points out the Church is located in a
busy main street in the city of Alexandretta which serves
the religious needs of the increasingly dwindling numbers
of Christians in the country.

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