The Choir of Trinity (Sameba) Cathedral, Tbilisi

Source: The Georgian Church for English

The church choirs of Georgia are an integral part of
Georgian spiritual life. It is common to encounter
men’s choirs, ladies choirs, mixed choirs and youth
choirs. It is very common for such choirs to also have
strong capability in Georgian folk song, and many folk
ensembles emanated from church choirs. Choirs from the
Greek, Slavonic, Aramaic and English-language parishes of
Georgia add further diversity to the mix.

Georgia’s three-part polyphonic vocal style is quite
unique, and there are some who consider the polyphony,
periodically converging into unison, as being emblematic
of the nature of the Trinity itself. The choir of Trinity
Cathedral are a remarkable choir, with a strong mastery of
traditional sacred music and folk tunes, as well as
popularising contemporary sacred music, much of which is
written by Patriarch Ilia. Their command of contemporary
secular choir music by composers like Giya Kancheli, Josef
Kechakmadze and Zviad Bolkvadze (a talented soloist
himself) makes them one of the most versatile and
accomplished choirs in the Caucasus.

This concert from 2014 displays their full versatility,
from Kakhetian and Gurian folk songs, Patriarch
Ilia’s sacred music, contemporary secular choral
works and traditional sacred pieces of great beauty.

The choir’s Youtube Channel and Soundcloud repository are well
worth following, and of course Saturday afternoons and
Sunday mornings at Sameba Cathedral are the ideal
opportunity for experiencing the choir’s art in

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