Primate of the UOC: if a person doesn’t follow God’s path, even if he acquires all the possessions in the world, he won’t find peace of soul

Source: Union of Orthodox Journalists

August 17, 2016

Only the blessing of God makes man happy. His
Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Russia
spoke about this in his homily on the first day of the
Dormition Fast, August 14, reports the Information-Education
of the Ukrainian Orthodox

Metropolitan Onuphry noted that on that day the Holy
Church carries forth the Precious Wood of the Cross of the
Lord, on which was accomplished our salvation. “The
holy Cross is borne forth that we might prostrate before
it, and receive this blessed strength which a man needs to
fittingly carry out his earthly life,” he

His Beatitude noted that for a person to receive the
blessing of God he must live according to the
commandments. “That person who walks the Divine path
may be rich or poor, learned or simple—whatever he
is—he is joyful,” His Beatitude said.
“To others it might seem he is suffering, but such a
person is blessed.”

Conversely, that person who lives according to his own
laws has no joy in his life. “If a person
doesn’t walk on that path, then even were he to
acquire every possession in the world, he won’t find
peace for himself in his soul. Outwardly he may seem
cheerful and happy but in fact he is suffering and is
already tasting the first-fruits of hell,”
Metropolitan Onuphry said.

“May the Lord help us to walk this path, where there
is the blessing of God, and where, at the end of this
path, there awaits us salvation in our Lord Jesus
Christ,” called His Beatitude.

Around five thousand pilgrims gathered on August 14 to
receive the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry
who served the Liturgy in the St. Anna’s Convent in
the city of Vashkovtsy in the Chernivtsi region.

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