Patriarch Kirill warns against publicizing “destructive ideas” on the internet

Source: RIA-Novosti

Solovki, August 21, 2016

The primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch
Kirill, speaking on Sunday in the Trinity Cathedral on a
visit to the Transfiguration Solovki Monastery called upon
all who use the internet to understand their
responsibility for what they write online.

“Today anyone who publishes his thoughts and words
on the internet is amongst the ranks of those who exert a
terrible and destructive influence, and we know, that
thousands and millions have an influence on our conscience
and on our minds. Those who have authority in society
carry a particular responsibility, and those who are
known, who have an influence on people by their
creativity, who, having creative powers, contaminate the
people’s mentalities by these powers, have a great
influence on the human condition. How many today are those
who use their talents, minds, knowledge, influence and
popularity to defile human nature!” stated the
patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

The first hierarch noted that today even in a monastery
“it’s impossible to take refuge from the flood
of information filling the whole earth,” and to
fence oneself off from “ideas that kill the human
conscience.” Therefore, according to him, monks and
clergy, and especially youths and children today need a
particular strength to resist them. The patriarch is
convinced that only faith can give this strength, and in
preserving it, even in the most frightening times, people
maintain inner freedom.

The patriarch consecrated the monastery’s restored
Trinity Zismo-Savvaty Cathedral, built by Emperor
Alexander II. In Soviet times the church housed the
so-called “quarantine company” Solovki special
purpose camp where newly-arrived prisoners lived. At the
time of the restoration of monastic life in the monastery
the church was practically destroyed.

“As it was at the initiative of the head of state
that this church was built, so it is at the initiative of
the head of state, our president, that this church is now
restored. Practically all of the restoration was carried
out with state funds, and this is a wonderful and
appropriate deed. If the government destroyed it, it
should rebuild this holy place,” emphasized
Patriarch Kirill.

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