Patriarch Kirill served a Moleben in St. Panteleimon Monastery on Athos

Mt. Athos, May 28, 2016


The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia arrived on Friday
to St. Panteleimon Monastery on the holy mountain of
Athos, reports a correspondent of


The path of the Patriarch from the gates of the monastery
to the cathedral church was strewn with laurel branches.

The arrival of His Holiness the Patriarch to St.
Panteleimon Monastery was heralded by the festive ringing
of the bells.


The primate of the Russian Orthodox Church served a
Moleben and thanked all who helped revive anew the

“Every time I’m on Mt. Athos it’s as if
you’re touching the centuries-old podvig of people
who devoted themselves to prayer, contemplation, and
labor. Here this prayer is combined with the podvig of
seclusion. I arrived here today with my companions, to
celebrate with you the millennium of the Russian presence
on the Holy Mountain as enshrined in the documentary
sources,” he said.

The Patriarch noted, that during a thousand years on Athos
and in Russia a myriad of events transpired, but the
enduring spiritual connection between them was never
broken. “Here prayer has always ascended to God for
our people and our nation, even in the most difficult
years of the godless ordeal,” noted the primate of
the Russian Orthodox Church. He shared his recollections
about visiting the monastery in 1971 together with
Patriarch Pimen. Then, according to the Patriarch, there
were seven monks in all in the monastery, but the feeling
that the Russian people and Russian Church were present on
this land never left.


“I very much wanted much to celebrate in a special
way the millennium, firstly by restoring everything
destroyed by fire, time, and people. With special feeling
I behold today the Panteleimon monastery restored almost
beyond recognition,” Patriarch Kirill added.

He thanked the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and
all who labored for the restoration of the Athonite
monastery. “All of this great work shows the fervent
faith of our people and the warm love towards Athos, and
this love finds support here, in the first place in your
prayers,” noted the primate, addressing himself to
the monks of the monastery.


Welcoming the Patriarch, the abbot of the monastery,
Archimandrite Jeremiah (Alexin) said: “I am glad to
welcome you here. The first commandment of the Lord is to
‘Have love among you,’ and I love you, and
remember you in my prayers.”

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