Patriarch Kirill criticizes monks for their passion for luxury

Source: Interfax-Religion

Moscow, September 23, 2016

Kirill of Moscow and All Russia criticized hegumens
and abbesses for seeking luxury and comfort.

“I initiated that each father superior and each
mother superior have a staff (a symbol of spiritual
authority –IF), but I never imagined that
hegumens and abbesses would turn them into patriarchal
staffs, would richly decorate them, would put a cross on
them. I did not bless such staffs. You should have an
ordinary hegumen staff, without decorations, without
jewelry,” the patriarch said on Thursday at his
meeting with the heads of the monasteries of the Russian
Orthodox Church in Moscow.

“When you go home, the first thing you should do is
order ordinary staffs similar to the one that was in Holy
Metropolitan Peter’s hands,” he said.

According to the primate, father superiors and mother
superiors should think more about the ascetic life, not
about comfortable conditions.

“I do not think that the way of life of hegumens and
abbesses of the olden times who organized monasteries
radically differed from the lifestyle of ordinary monks
and nuns. Everyone should clearly understand this. If
there is no such understanding, you’d do better not to
become a mother superior or father superior,” he

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