Patriarch Kirill consecrated the restored cathedral of Old Russikon on Mt. Athos

Mt. Athos, May 28, 2016


The main cathedral of the Old Russikon skete of the
Great-Martyr Panteleimon was solemnly consecrated on May
28 on Holy Mount Athos by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of
Moscow and All Russia, reports a correspondent of the site

For a long time, after the tragic events of the twentieth
century, the skete’s cathedral stood in desolation.
With the blessing of the primate of the Russian Orthodox
Church, in view of preparations for the thousand-year
anniversary of Russian monasticism on Athos, restoration
work began in the skete a few years ago. The cathedral
church was completely restored and painted for the festive
jubilee. The painting of the church was undertaken by
famous Russian artists, led by V. Nesterenko. Also wholly
restored was the tower of St. Sava of Serbia, where the
saint was tonsured in 1186, preserved buildings of the
twelfth century and other of the skete’s structures.


Leading a synaxis of hierarchs and clergy of the Russian
Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill consecrated the
renovated church in connection with the celebration
ongoing on Mt. Athos in honor of the 1000 year anniversary
of Russian Athonite monasticism.


During the consecration the Patriarch, bishops, clergy and
pilgrims held a procession around the church. Then the
Patriarch of Moscow led the synaxis in a festive Divine
Liturgy, prayerfully glorifying the memory of All Russian
Athonite Saints.



In his homily His Holiness the Patriarch noted the special
importance of the restoration of Old Russikon, where monks
from Rus’ have struggled for 700 years. The primate
recalled that when he first visited the skete in the
1970s, he was struck by the neglect. He underscored the
necessity of restoring not only the walls, but of the
whole spiritual life of the monastery, establishing a
regular typicon for the services.



In honor of the celebration the brothers of St.
Panteleimon monastery presented the Patriarch a gift of a
picture of Old Russikon by the artist V. Nesterenko. For
his part, the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church gave
the restored monastery an Iveron Icon of the Mother of

After the festivities in the Old Russikon, Patriarch
Kirill visited the skete and familiarized himself with the
work undertaken for the anniversary of Russian Athos,
after which he returned to St. Panteleimon Monastery,
where together with the brothers of the monastery and
numerous pilgrims he took part in a common trapeza.

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