Orthodox Church robbed in western Ukraine

Source: Russkiy Mir

August 16, 2016

Photo: © ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Smirnov
Photo: © ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Smirnov

An Orthodox church in the west of Ukraine has been robbed
again, reports IA Interfax. This is the fifth such
incident in the country over the past months.

This time the lawbreakers broke into St. Michael’s
Church in Danchimost, Rivne Oblast. According to the press
service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the crime was
committed on the night of August 14. The robbers broke
through a window. Once they got inside the church they
desecrated the church and stole the donations.

Four churches have already been robbed from April to June
this year. The Police could not find the robbers in any of
the cases.

It is to be recalled that in May this year two Ukrainian
Orthodox churches of the Moscow Patriarchate were broken
into and robbed in the Rivne Oblast. Both incidents were
registered in the Sarny Raion.

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