Oldest Christian church in Turkey to be opened to visitors

Source: Blagovest-Info

Tbilisi, September 14, 2016

A Christian church of the fourth century which was
discovered in 2014, twenty meters from shore at the bottom
of Lake Iznik in the Turkish province of Bursa, will be
opened to visitors, reports Karibche.ambebi.ge.

Restoration of the basilica was carried out over the
past several months.

According to Mustafa Sahin, head of the Archeology
Department of Bursa (Uludağ) University,
the church of the Roman period will be open to the public
the first and last Saturdays of every month.

The newly-restored basilica was originally dedicated in
honor of the Holy Martyr Neophytes who was slain by Roman
legionaries in 303 AD precisely on the site of the church.

According to Turkish archeologists, the church was damaged
by an earthquake in 740 AD and subsequently submerged
under the lake waters.

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