Nuncio in Ukraine criticizes the West for the lack of care for the country’s population

Source: Interfax-Religion

Moscow, August 12, 2016

The West, unlike Russia, has failed to care for
Ukrainians, apostolic nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Claudio
Gugerotti believes.

“Ukraine, which certainly was in the sphere of
Russian influence, under pressure from the West decided to
turn to Europe and the USA. There was the Maidan, which in
fact was a separation from Russia with all its economic
consequences (…) The West did not take Russia’s
place; it does not care about improving the conditions of
local people’s lives,” he said in his interview
with the Vatican Radio.

“Thus, Ukraine failed on all fronts,” the nuncio

Gugerotti thinks that Ukraine “aggravated the
difficulties in the relations with the USA, Europe and

According to him, “a war among the poor”
threatens the country as the Ukrainian population grows

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