Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta: I call you to battle for our faith!

Athens, October 20, 2016


Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta has blamed the Greek government for the cynical collapse of the agreements reached together with the primate of the Greek Church. Members of government promised at a meeting with hierarchs not to use the new educational materials and to begin to develop a program of religious education together with the Church.

Bishop Ambrose emphasized that despite the archbishop’s reassurances after his meeting with Prime Minister A. Tsipras that “the misunderstanding was removed,” the next day government officials had already begun to act as if no there were no agreements, reports Agionoros, with reference to the Romfea agency.

“It’s obvious that the government is sneering at the Church! They have cynically deceived us!” declared Vladyka Ambrose. “We must understand that for the government the question of religious education is closed: it’s turning into a non-confessional subject where our Savior Christ is equated with Buddha and Mohammed.”

According to the metropolitan of Kalavryta, active resistance is the only appropriate response to the government’s actions: “I call you to battle for our faith! We will remember the Minister of Education’s words, promising to “put an end” to religious education in the course of the year. Can we really allow this crime to be committed? Now above all—a battle!”

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