Massive Killings of Christians in Africa ‘Dreadful’

Source: Sputnik

Mosocw, August 29, 2016

The situation with mass murder of Christians in Africa is
“dreadful,” Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox
Church Kirill said on Monday.

We are particularly concerned about Christians who are
killed by radical Islamists….The Russian Orthodox
Church is doing its utmost to raise this issue so that the
public community could be aware of it….We raise it
on the international level, I had a chance to discuss it
with Pope Francis…..[all international institutes]
should make efforts to prevent the dreadful crime of our
time — mass killings of Christians,” he said
during a meeting with the Ambassador of the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

Russia’s Orthodox patriarch added that a number
of African countries, including the DR Congo, are directly
facing radical religious ideas, which are accompanied by
terrorism. He stressed that the events in Nigeria and
Central African Republic linked with the mass murder of
Christians are particularly “terrible.”

Africa has been hit by radicals-insurgency, notably
in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, with the Boko-Haram
group, which pledged allegiance to the Daesh jihadist
group, outlawed in Russia and many other states, operating
in these countries for years.

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