KGB monument in Kyiv demolished on fourth attempt (photos, video)

Source: Ukraine Today

May 29, 2016


A monument to Soviet-era KGB servicemen was completely
destroyed in downtown Kyiv.

Euromaidan protesters attempted to dismantle the statue
much earlier in February 2014.

Another attempt was made in late April 2016, but the
procedure was too complicated, since the monument weighed
about 300 tons. Instead, activists decided to paint it.

The dismantling re-started a week ago. On May 29, it
was taken down with the help of an excavator. The method
caused some outrage since the monument was planned to be
transported to the Soviet-art museum.

Kyiv’s officials said they were not responsible for
demolishing the monument.

“Currently, we are trying to find out who initiated
the process of dismantling the monument. We had planned to
do it a civilized way – to develop a dismantling monument
project, approve its costs and move this Communist statue
to the museum of Soviet-era monuments. But someone decided
differently. Let the police figure out who was it”,
said Andriy Fischuk, director of public works and
nature preservation department at the Kyiv City State

Dozens of statues of Communist revolutionary Lenin have
been toppled in Ukraine since 2013. The first demolitions
coincided with the pro-EU Maidan protests against the
government of Moscow-backed former President Viktor

The falling of the monuments across the country is
being hailed as a symbol of independent Ukraine’s push
to modernise following the breakup of the Soviet Union.
This is in line with a package of laws, adopted by the
Ukrainian Parliament last year, which bans communist and
Nazi regime symbols and propaganda. The renaming process
is the latest step in Ukraine’s efforts to break from
its Soviet totalitarian past.

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