How to attain peace between all people—Metropolitan Onuphry

Source: Ukrainian Orthodox Church

July 4, 2016

After the reading of the Sunday Gospel which spoke of
the Beatitudes, the primate described the characteristics
of a true peacemaker.

In his July 3 homily, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry
spoke about how to attain peace with others, reports the
Information-Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox

There is a palpable difference between the New Testament
concept of a “peacemaker” and its modern

“A peacemaker,” emphasized the primate,
“is not he who goes to negotiations, proves
something to people at round tables and convinces them of

According to the archpastor, a peacemaker is he who,
thanks to the grace of God, is able to overcome his own
pride and see in his neighbor the image of God.

Christians thus make a step towards peace with all people.
“A man must reconcile with God and with all
people,” His Beatitude underlined.

“An angry and irritable person breathes evil and
darkness even at a distance,” noted the primate.

And having embarked upon the path to peace, a Christian
begins to give to those around him that which brings them
joy. “Such a person breathes peace, such that
it’s good just to be around him,” he

A peaceful person is so filled with the light of God that
even his words become superfluous.

“And even if he says nothing about peace, he is a
true peacemaker,” noted His Beatitude.

As reported by the Information-Education Department of the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church, after the reading of the Sunday
Gospel which spoke of the Beatitudes (Mt. 5:3-12),
Metropolitan Onuphry spoke about the path to salvation
through these laws, as shown by Christ Himself. His
Beatitude called on all Christians to travel the path of
Divine laws, even if someone doesn’t like it.

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