Georgia’s Orthodox Parents protest against pope visit

Source: Interfax-Religion

Tbilisi, September 22, 2016

Several dozen representatives of the public organization
Union of Orthodox Parents held a protest on Wednesday near
the Vatican embassy in Tbilisi against Pope Francis’
visit to Georgia in late September.

The protesters told reporters that “Orthodox
Georgians do not need the pope’s blessing.” They
held posters protesting the pope’s visit. One of them
said “The Vatican is a spiritual aggressor!”

Meanwhile, Guiseppe Pasotto, bishop of the Catholic Church
in Georgia, told reporters it is unclear to him why anyone
should protest the pope’s visit to Georgia.

“The pope is coming to Georgia as a peace messenger.
Why should anyone be against that? As far as I know,
Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia is not against
this visit,” Pasotto said.

During his visit from September 30 through October 2 the
pope will meet in Tbilisi with Ilia II, representatives of
various religious groups and top officials of Georgia, and
will celebrate a mass in a stadium, he said.

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