Georgian archaeologists have discovered unknown 10th century church

Source: Union of Orthodox

June 28, 2016

During archaeological excavations on the territory of
Atskuri Church archeologists discovered the ruins of the
unknown church of the Atskuri Virgin, attributed to the
tenth century, as reported by Georgian television’s
Channel One.

Archaeologists, art historians, and clergymen clarified
that the church found under a layer of earth was built on
the site of a non-Christians first-century temple,
artifacts from which were also found during the

Ruins of Atskuri Church
Ruins of Atskuri Church

The church was found during the course of preliminary
archeological digging in connection with the large-scale
restoration of the Atskuri Cathedral planned for 2017.

Representatives of the Georgian clergy expressed the
opinion that the Apostle Andrew the First-Called visited
these places and was consecrated to the episcopacy in this

Note that Aktsuri was the medieval diocesan center for
southern Georgia.

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