Five dead as Christian villages in Turkey attacked by suicide bomber

Source: Christian Today

May 26, 2016


Five people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a
checkpoint between two Syriac Orthodox villages in
south-eastern Turkey on Wednesday.

The bombing took place no more than 100m from St Mary
church (Idto d’Yoldath-Aloho) in Hah, Tur Abdin,
following clashes between pro and anti AKP Kurds.

St Mary is believed to be the oldest church in the world.
According to tradition, it is built on the place where the
three Wise Men passed on their way to visit Jesus in
Bethlehem, and to which they later returned. A temple was
therefore erected in the name of Jesus’ mother.

Tur Abdin is a mountainous region meaning ‘The
Mountain of the Servants of God’. It is considered the
heartland of Syriac Orthodox Christianity, and for many
people it is as important as Jerusalem.

“Hah is my heart and soul… it is one of the most
important places for our people in the world,” Nuri
Kino, an investigative journalist and founder of advocacy
group A Demand For Action, told Christian Today.

“Yuldath Aloho has faced many wars and genocides and
never been destroyed. Yesterday all the windows were
crashed. We feel with all those that were killed, no human
blood, no matter if they are Turks, Kurds or
Assyrian/Syriacs should be shared.”

Kino urged warring factions to end their conflict, so
“the remaining of our people can live in peace.”

“The inhabitants in our villages are vulnerable and
we are pleading to the world to stop them from being hurt.
Yesterday was a day of total shock for us, we are losing
our people in Iraq and Syria and now this in Turkey,”
he said.

“We are tired of tears, tired of being hurt in
country after country. The people of Tur Abdin stand not

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