Descendant of emperor Nicholas I Prince Dimitri arrives in Moscow

Source: TASS

Moscow, October 5, 2016

A descendant of Russian Emperor Nicholas I and the eldest
in the Romanov family, Prince Dimitri Romanovich, and his
wife, Theodora, have arrived in the Russian capital from
Paris. In Moscow, the prince will receive the Order of
Saint Alexander Nevsky, a Russian state award, on October

“I was very surprised to learn about the award,”
Prince Dimitri has told TASS at the Sheremetyevo airport.
He noted that he considers this to be a recognition and
gratitude for 25 years of humanitarian work. “When he
learned this, a smile lit up his face. It was incredibly
important for him,” Theodora Alexeevna said.

Secular and spiritual

On Thursday, October 6, Prince Dimitri Romanovich will
receive the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky at a solemn
ceremony, in accordance with a decree issued by Russian
President Vladimir Putin. A descendant of Emperor Nicholas
I who heads the Romanov Family Association and the
family-run charity foundations will receive the award
“for his great contribution to spreading abroad the
knowledge of Russia’s historical and cultural
heritage and efforts to promote international humanitarian

Another highlight of this visit will be a meeting of the
head of the Romanov family and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow
and All Russia. On Saturday, October 8, the feast day of
St. Sergius of Radonezh, they will visit the Trinity
Sergius Lavra (Monastery) in Sergiev Posad near Moscow to
venerate the saint’s relics. On Sunday, October 9,
Prince Dimitri Romanovich and his wife will return to

Great honor

In an interview with a TASS correspondent in Paris Prince
Dimitri Romanovich noted that he considers the awarding of
the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky a great honor.
“This award symbolizes the grandeur and coherence of
Russian history,” he said.

The prince who turned 90 on May 17 added that the order is
also very precious to him because “several
generations of the Romanovs proudly worn this award.”
Those were the prince’s great-great-grandfather,
Nicholas I, great grandfather, Field Marshal Nikolai
Nikolaevich (Sr) and grandfather, engineer troops chief
Pyotr Nikolaevich. Each of them, according to the oldest
Romanov descendant, “placed Russia’s interests
above everything else.” “In 1916, one hundred
years ago, such order was awarded to my father, Roman
Petrovich,” he said.

“As a Romanov, I am confident that all members of our
family have to limit their aspirations to serve a worthy
historical link with the past no great country can
abandon,” the prince added. He added that
establishing the Romanov Family Association in 1979, the
prince’s father and other founders “sought
nothing but the right to be useful to Russia.”.

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