Church will invite serpentologists to study “miracle of warm-blooded snakes” in Greece

Moscow, September 3, 2016


At the invitation of the Church, snake specialists
will travel to the Greek island of Kefalonia to measure
the temperature of the snakes living there, which,
according to eyewitness testimony, gather at the place of
a former monastery on the feast of the Dormition, and are
warm-blooded, stated the head of the Association of
Orthodox Scientists and rector of the church of the Holy
Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos in the Voronezh
region, Archpriest Gennady Zaridze in an interview
with RIA-Novosti.

“From a biological point of view there’s no
such thing as warm-blooded snakes. Therefore we want to
invite reputable serpentologists form Moscow to Kefalonia
to describe these snakes and measure their
temperature,” stated the priest, who for many years
has studied Church miracles through natural means.

According to Zaridze, on the island of Kefalonia on the
feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos venomous
snakes come to the place where formerly there was a
women’s monastery, but bite no one. A tradition has
been preserved that pirates once docked at this island and
wanted to ransack the monastery, and the sisters fearfully
began to pray to the Theotokos at her icon on which there
were drawn snakes. When the pirates came to the monastery
bell tower, snakes slithered out and darted towards them.
The pirates ran for their ship and in fear sailed away.

“Since that time on the feast of the Dormition the
snakes gather at the place of the former monastery. And in
those years when it doesn’t happen there are
earthquakes and natural disasters. But the matter is not
even in this concurrence, but in that these snakes are
warm-blooded!” assures the priest.

Also, according to him, the temperature of the holy relics
of St. Spyridon of Tremithus, who died in the fourth
century, is 36.6 degrees Celcius, which is impossible to
explain within existing scientific theories.

“Through contemplating these facts a
scientist—if he is consistent and honest—comes
to faith, like the apostle Thomas, inserting his fingers
into the wounds of the risen Savior. In our rationalistic
age the words ‘science has proven’ have acquired a
weightier status, with the press more often using the
expression, ‘scientists have proven.’ That is,
modern people, like the apostle Thomas, demand proof of
this or that phenomena. It is easier to believe in a
miracle if it is supported by science,” said the
head of the Association of Orthodox Scientists.

This interregional education public organization unites
over 500 researchers. Individual organizations exist in
Voronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orel, and other cities
of Russia, with ten affiliates active abroad. Among the
members of the association are 130 Russian doctors of
science and a number of prominent foreign researchers.

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