Archbishop Ieronymos criticizes policy of de-Christianization of Greece

Athens, October 21, 2016


In a speech in the city of Livadia Archbishop Ieronymos of
Athens sharply criticized the governmental policy of the
de-Christianization of Greece: “You have sold out
and continue to sell out Greece’s treasures, you
give away our railroads, our ports, but our homeland and
Orthodoxy we will not give up,” reports Agionoros.

Referring to the role of political parties in the modern
crisis, the archbishop said: “We must clarify what
we need, how we see the future of our children and
families, and what aspirations we have. The time has come
for us to wonder: ‘Perhaps it’s worth it to
support not parties, but concrete people?’”

The primate’s words correspond with the teachings of
St. Paisios the Athonite. To the question “who
should we vote for?” the saint answered: “For
whoever is closer to the Church. Don’t vote for
parties which call themselves Christian… We
shouldn’t divide along party lines. Let us first
love our Church, and second our homeland and vote for
those who devote their energy to the struggle for

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