Abbots and representatives of Athonite monasteries participated in celebrations in honor of anniversary of Russian Athos

Mt. Athos, June 1, 2016


On the occasion of the anniversary celebrations in honor
of a thousand years of Russia on Mt. Athos, abbots and
representatives of several Athonite monasteries visited
St. Panteleimon Monastery, reports a correspondent of
“Russian Athos.”

In particular, to share in the joy of the auspicious
anniversary occasion, Archimandrite Ephrem, abbot of
Vatopaidi Monastery; Archimandrite Christopher, abbot of
Grigoriou Monastery; Archimandrite Peter, abbot of
Dionysiou Monastery; Archimandrite Elisha, abbot of
Simenopetra Monastery; Archimandrite Gabriel, abbot of
Pantocrator Monastery; Monk Dositheos, representative of
Chilandar Monastery; Hieromonk Philemon, representative of
Stavronikita Monastery; and Hieromonk Joseph,
representative of Xenophontos Monastery visited the
brothers of the Russian Athonite St. Panteleimon

They took part in the feast day services and
brothers’ trapeza, after which there was a meeting
of the abbots and representatives of the Athonite
monasteries with the heads of the Russian Athonite
monastery. The guests shared their congratulations on the
celebration and expressed brotherly unanimity with their
Russian Athonite brethren.

With the blessing of Schema-Archimandrite Jeremiah
(Alexin), the abbot of St. Panteleimon Monastery, all were
presented with commemorative gifts of the lives of the
Russian Athonite saints in Greek.

The participation of the abbots and representatives of the
Athonite monasteries in the millennial celebration of
Russian monasticism on the Holy Mountain bears witness to
the multi-national unity of the Athonite brotherhoods and
the prestige of the Russian St. Panteleimon Monastery as
an important spiritual center on Mt. Athos.

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