A New Beginning

Today we celebrate the Church New Year and with it a
chance to recommit ourselves to working harder at making
changes in our lives that will lead to spiritual growth.
The Lord’s patience
never runs out, so we always have the invitation to renew
our commitment to Him.

The New Year, celebrated on the 1st of
September (Old Style), is that moment in time when we
should take a closer look at how we are using this life
God has given us. Are we focused on things spiritual or
are we strolling through life as though there were no

If the truth be known, many of you give all kinds of
justifications as to why you don’t attend services
on a regular basis. If it were work related you’d be
there, but Church is seen as something that is at the
bottom of the to do list. You wouldn’t consider
going to work only when you felt like it. Nor would you
miss family celebrations or social functions with your
friends, knowing your loved ones would question your
commitment to them.

are what you put into them. If you don’t feed a
relationship it dies, just like a vine that is not
watered. If you don’t place God in the heart of your
week and the services in the temple as the central act of
that week, how can you expect to be spiritually healthy?

Are you lazy about your spiritual life? Does a Sunday
morning pass by without an effort on your part to get
yourself to church? Are social engagements more important
than the worship of God? If any of this is true for you,
the Church’s New Year is a good time to turn things
around and get yourself back on track. Make this new year
one that has as it’s focus, personal renewal.
Don’t sit back waiting for God to do it all, for
He’s already done it. Do your part! Take that
important step and make this the best New Year
you’ve ever had!

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